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All You Need To Know About Michigan Microbusiness License Cost.

All You Need To Know About Michigan Microbusiness License Cost.

The michigan microbusiness license cost is $170. Even if your business is starting, it is best to know the fees you may have to pay as soon as possible. You will have many options available when it comes time for your application. The license fees for these can range from $110-300, but this depends on your company’s business and location within Michigan state lines. One of the highest costs to consider is buying your business license itself. According to the Michigan Secretary of State’s office, licenses are available in the Michigan Secretary of State office located at 5600 Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI. You can purchase these at any time and ensure that you have them on hand when you need them.

What Is Michigan Microbusiness License?

This license is needed by anyone who offers their products or services to the public. This includes formally registered businesses and even those with only one person working for them. It does not matter if you actually have employees or whether or not you are even making a profit; as long as you are offering your goods and services, you need a license. The reason for this is simple—the Michigan Secretary of State needs to know who is doing business within their state, whether they are just starting out or well established.

Does Everyone Need This Michigan Business License?

Since you need a michigan microbusiness license  no matter what business you are running. There are certain circumstances in which you will not be able to get a home-based license. For instance, a commercial license is required if you want to sell things that may offer higher risk to the public (like medical products or high-powered equipment). For example, suppose one of your jobs is building custom-made kitchen cabinets, and your shop has gas stoves and other potentially dangerous appliances available to the public. In that case, you will need a commercial business license instead of the home-based one.

Michigan Microbusiness License Fees: Current Rates

The fees for these licenses can run from $110 to over $300, which is dependent on various factors. The average cost is $170 but varies from county to county within Michigan. Fees are based on the type of business you are running and the services or products you will offer. Three types of microbusiness licenses can acquire in Michigan. A home-based microbusiness license, commercial microbusiness license, and retail store microbusiness license. The following is a breakdown of what each of these types is and their associated fees:

Home-based Microbusiness License: The cost for this license ranges from $110-$300. It differs from commercial and retail store business licenses with slightly higher prices. Typically, you will need at least one employee working for your home-based business to get this type of business license.

Commercial Microbusiness License: This kind of license differs from the above two and has a slightly higher rate ranging from $120 to $329. Again, this will only apply to businesses where you have employees. If this is not the case, you will need the other two licenses.

Retail Store Microbusiness License: This license differs from the above two types as it has a slightly lower rate of $84-$130. This is for microbusiness typically located in shopping malls and places like that. Again, if you only have one person working for your business and you do not sell or offer goods or services in locations where others may be present, this would be your best option for getting the license.


We have just looked at the basic facts about michigan microbusiness license cost. Many other things can play into deciding whether to get a home-based or commercial microbusiness license, but this is an overview of what you need to consider when picking one. Regarding microbusiness licenses, the costs vary depending on where you live within the state and if you have employees. Since someone could be working for a micro business that does not require a license. These regulations protect those not running any enterprise or business anywhere in the state.

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