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Dad Sent Estranged Wife Chilling Text ‘Before Killing Their Two Sons And Himself’

Dad Sent Estranged Wife Chilling Text ‘Before Killing Their Two Sons And Himself’

Minde Reinhart raced to the home she had until recently shared with Paul and their sons. Paul Reinhart, forty six, had till recently been the president of Reinhart Medical LLC in Gainesville. The household still owns the waterfront house in Dixie County the place the murders and fireplace occurred, based on property data. Konrad Reinhart did not return a phone message left at his home. Kaiser and Karl Reinhart did not return messages sent to their Facebook accounts asking to debate their brothers. A skilled chef, Ms. Reinhart earned a degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Atlanta and spent a year working as a line chef at one of the country’s premier steak eating places.

Konrad Reinhart’s lawyer estimated the estate’s worth at $75,000 in personal property. He didn’t listing any bank accounts, investments or different property. In court docket papers, the insurance firm described itself as “merely a disinterested stakeholder” and stated it was “in hazard of being uncovered to multiple liability” until a judge guidelines in the case. It careworn that it was not attempting to maintain the $4 million. “If you name this quantity again it will be a big problem,” he said in early September. “Stop calling me.” He and his lawyers didn’t reply to telephone messages this week.

She had grew to become alarmed when at 5am on May 5, she discovered that her husband had printed on his Facebook account 64 of their old wedding ceremony photographs from their huge day in 2001. Brody attended Chiles Elementary and Rex attended Kanapaha in Gainesville, according to WCJB. The TV station reported counselors shall be available at both schools Wednesday. After extinguishing the flames, three our bodies have been situated, believed to be Reinhart and his sons, based on the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office.

A lot if folks have this stuff occurring in their lives. Columnist Stephanie Hayes will share ideas, feelings and humorous enterprise with you every Monday. After the bodies have been situated, Alachua County sheriff’s investigators were interviewing neighbors in a gated group where the Reinharts’ $900,000 house was located. The fire caused about $100,000 in injury and was deliberately set, investigators mentioned.

The mother of the lads, Irenea Reinhart, 73, of Gainesville declined in a telephone name to discuss her sons Paul or Erick. Dixie County Sheriff’s deputies obtained a message in regards to the van 16 minutes later, at 6.39am. At 7.03am, one of the Dixie County officers told his counterpart in Gainesville that he was about 20 minutes away from the vacation residence. The mother-of-two raced to the family’s home in Gainesville, which she shared with her husband and their children until the couple’s separation.

It’s like individuals have never seen the film Falling Down. Push a mentally weak man too far, he’ll go over the sting. He died proving he didn’t love his household; what a legacy to leave behind. As a father who fought my method via a worse divorce situation so as to make sure my daughters acquired the love they needed to develop into the awesome younger women they are today, fuchs this man.

There, she found some 400 photographs from her and Paul’s marriage ceremony scattered all around the residence, but no signal of her husband, their kids, or the household dog. Deputies went to a house on SW 27th Avenue in Alachua County shortly earlier than 6 a.m. Tuesday after a family member requested a well-being check on Paul Reinhart and his sons, 14-year-old Rex and 11-year-old Brody. Would have been — aside from that Paul and Mindee had been to begin with levels of divorce proceedings, in accordance with friends of the family interviewed by journalist Thomas Weber. This story was produced by Fresh Take Florida, a news service of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.

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