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Khaidi No 150 Usa Up To Date Schedules Hollywood Information

Khaidi No 150 Usa Up To Date Schedules Hollywood Information

Under V V Vinayak’s path, Khaidi No a hundred and fifty is a remake of Tamil blockbuster Kaththi, which was directed by AR Murugadoss and had Vijay within the lead role. The much-awaited film has Chiranjeevi taking part in the lead and he will be seen romancing Kajal Aggarwal. The film additionally roped in Devi Sri Prasad to attain music and Bollywood actor Tarun Arora shall be taking part in the baddie. Khaidi No one hundred fifty is Chiranjeevi’s comeback and his a hundred and fiftieth movie.

Meanwhile, Shankar and the henchmen attain Hyderabad, but Shankar is soon kidnapped by Aggarwal’s henchmen. While in Aggarwal’s custody, he sees Seenu’s speech on tv and is moved by the efforts made by his doppelgänger to assist the villagers. Seenu goes to Aggarwal’s workplace, the place Shankar is being held. The next day, the decision is said in favour of Shankar and the villagers.

Seenu then sends an individual to Aggarwal and makes him lay a fingerprint on Aggarwal’s neck. After that Aggarwal sends 50 males to kill Seenu, however he quickly defeats them using the coins the Lion Club member gave when he was attending a ceremony for him. The teaser of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s much-awaited movie ‘Khaidi No 150’, featuring Kajal Aggarwal within the feminine lead, is scheduled to be released on the official YouTube channel of Konidela Production on Thursday . Chiranjeevi couldn’t have chosen a greater script for his comeback. This story of a hero, especially one with political leanings in actual life, rising up on the cries of farmers towards corporatisation will earn the star plenty of goodwill, and in this case, immense love from his followers.

A special track was shot with Raai Laxmi and Chiranjeevi in October 2016. In November, two songs had been shot with the lead pair Chiranjeevi and Kajal in Europe. Raghava Lawrence, Jani Master and Sekhar choreographed the dances. Kanal Kannan and the duo Ram Lakshman choreographed the fights. The visible mosaic blanket pattern results for the movie had been made by Red Chillies VFX, a subsidiary of Red Chillies Entertainment.

Enter your location to see which film theaters are enjoying Khaidi No. a hundred and fifty near you. Actress Kajal Aggarwal is paired with Chiranjeevi, who will be seen in twin roles within the movie. The movie features Chiranjeevi and Kajal Aggarwal was finalised because the heroine in late July 2016.

Stay tuned to this page for Khaidi No one hundred fifty Movie first 3 days, first week and total full run box office collections. If you like this Mega Star Chiranjeevi’sKaidhiMovie First Day, Second Day, Third Day, First Weekend Collections. Khaidi No.150 is an motion drama film directed by V. V. Vinayak. It features Chiranjeevi and Kajal Agarwal within the lead roles.

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