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I think I should be more aware of how I’m feeling in these situations, even if they are just a slightly annoyed “wait, what?” feeling at the end of a busy day. I believe the feeling is because I just completed my first serious project in a long time. A few years ago, I was an intern working in a professional position. I did very well in my job, but I wasn’t happy.

When you’re interning, you’re usually on call 24/7. You have two-hour lunch breaks, but you do it for the sake of the company, not for your own personal well-being. You’re usually away from your laptop most of the day. If you’re not on call, you’re usually at the office, and you’re not sitting at your desk.

The main problem is that most of the “top” sites on my computer are just about “top” sites. A few of you have been doing web design, but there are not many great sites that are a lot of fun to browse.

If youre lucky, you can make a few bucks doing web design. But if youre just going to dabble, youre much better off getting an intern or a junior designer for a few hours every so often.

A quick search on Google for “web design intern” turned up a dozen or so sites. Some of them are very good, while some are just plain awful. That doesn’t mean that anyone can’t make a few bucks doing this, but it does mean that you should probably avoid doing it if you can help it.

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