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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Dispensary Vassar Mi.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Dispensary Vassar Mi.

Every city has a dispensary vassar mi, and the chance to buy cannabis is becoming an increasingly common trend. Vassar Mi is no exception. From its cornerstone in 1842 to its carefully curated selection of flowers, oils, seeds, and concentrates available now at Vassar Dispensary. 

Vassar Mi was created by owners Angie Gibbs and Danielle Maloney as a way for women to learn about the budding marijuana industry while enjoying their favorite flower in peace. The facility offers its customers guidance on how to make the most of their marijuana experience through understanding what type of products they should be looking for with the help of our knowledgeable staff members, including cultivation experts, product specialists, and lifestyle coaches.

How did Vassar Mi Dispensary grow and develop?

Vassar Mi Dispensary, located at 154 Holiday Drive in the city of Vassar, Michigan, opened its doors on October 23, 2015. With Angie Gibbs’s 15 years of experience working in the dispensary industry (most recently as the owner of Lansing-based EMJ’s) and Danielle Maloney’s two years in the business as a budtender (working alongside her partner), they set out to create a new type of retail cannabis store that put women front and center.

What is the goal of Vassar Mi?

The overall goal of Vassar Mi Dispensary is to provide a comfortable and safe place for women to understand the culture surrounding cannabis and the best way to enjoy marijuana. The owners want their customers to feel like the dispensary is their private getaway, where they can relax with other female cannabis enthusiasts in a safe environment, free from judgment or sexual harassment.

Through its focus on women and education, Vassar has established itself as more than just another medical marijuana dispensary in Vassar , Michigan. It has become a community center for marijuana users to mingle and learn about cannabis in a new way.

What products and services does Vassar Mi Dispensary offer?

Vassar Mi Dispensary offers a carefully curated selection of medical marijuana, including flowers, oils, and concentrates from brands such as Mary’s Medicinals, Dosist, Erva, and Golden XTRX. Patients can also find the full line of small tools and equipment necessary to make marijuana-infused edibles at home.

The budtenders at Vassar Mi are specially trained to help customers choose the right cannabis products for their needs. When they visit the dispensary, a Vassar budtender will be happy to give a complete introduction to cannabis, and what Vassar Mi products work best for each type of consumer. The employees at Vassar Dispensary highly recommend starting with their Golden XTRX vape cartridges, Mary’s Medicinals tinctures, or Dosist disposable pens to help customers new to cannabis get a feel for what different levels of THC can do.

Does Vassar Mi Dispensary require appointments?

Vassar Mi Dispensary is a medical marijuana dispensary. So all customers must register their medical cards to be able to enter. Customers must have an appointment and medical marijuana certification to enter the shop. Patrons must have a valid state ID or driver’s license on their first visit. Vassar Dispensary also has “Budfirsts” – small meetings with some budtenders. Where customers can ask questions and learn more about selecting and using cannabis as medicine. They also offer yoga classes on occasion, which are always free.

How does Vassar Mi Dispensary handle marijuana edibles?

Vassar Mi Dispensary specializes in helping patients who are interested in making their edibles at home. The dispensary sells all necessary tools, including grinders, scales, and cookbooks designed specifically for cannabis-infused foods. They also offer free cooking classes where customers can learn how to infuse marijuana into their favorite dishes. Classes are held on Sundays at 2 p.m., and customers can take home their meals and the recipes used in class.

How does the process work in purchasing marijuana at Vassar Mi Dispensary?

While Vassar Dispensary is a medical dispensary, it offers its customers an amazing recreational cannabis experience. Visitors can shop for marijuana products without making an appointment or purchasing medical marijuana. However, all out-of-state residents must have a valid ID on hand to be able to purchase any cannabis products. Customers must show their ID and register it with the dispensary when purchasing items. They also need their medical card on hand to be able to purchase any edibles or concentrates from the dispensary.

At Vassar Dispensary, customers can fill out an application to become a member. Only after filling out the application and receiving approval from Vassar Mi. The staff members can a potential member purchase medical marijuana. Along with purchasing medical marijuana, patients must also bring their medical cards and valid IDs. Whenever they want to shop at Vassar Mi Dispensary.


The owners of Vassar Mi Dispensary understand that the best medicine for many patients is marijuana. They want to teach their customers how to use cannabis to help them live healthier, happier life. The facility’s atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, with calming music and flower aromas. Patients who walk into Vassar Dispensary leave knowing exactly what to purchase from their shop. Their budtenders can answer any potential customer questions about what will work best for them. As they navigate this new–and slowly changing–medical marijuana landscape.

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